About me

Hi I'm Louisa

I am a mobile massage therapist and allow you to relax in your own home. I work with people struggling with back and shoulder pain who are stressed and frustrated. Through personalised treatments I help you to relax, get better sleep, move more freely and feel more yourself again.

I originally studied massage when I was at university but at the time didn’t pursue it as a career at the time as I was involved in a car accident and struggled with chronic pain for years after. I ended up in Finance until 2017 when I started to experience health concerns with pain, hormone imbalances and stress. I found essential oils and was reintroduced to massage, I realised how much I loved massage and in how many ways I could help others using both essential oils and massage.

Since 2017 I have completed my studies in Massage, aromatherapy, Indian head massage and reflexology. I started working in massage in July 2019 and completed my Reflexology training in 2021. I love to listen to you. My massage is not just a traditional massage but a combination of deep holding moves and relaxation techniques to ensure that you leave me feeling the best you can.

When I am not massaging, I love to knit, crochet, walk in the woods, swim and making my own products which will be coming to market in the next 2 years. I love to learn and expand my knowledge.

When you come for a massage with me it will be an individual experience and also includes a full wellbeing and lifestyle overview.