Natural Wellness through Therapeutic Massage

Employers and HR managers who care about their staff and wellbeing

Services for Corporate employers


Are you an employer or HR manager who cares about their employees and concerned about how much staff time off is costing the business?

Are you looking for a solution to reduce time off and reduce employee turnover?

Do you want to Improve employee productivity, increase loyalty and increase engagement and moral?

Are you concerned about employees coming back into the office and the effect on their mental health?

I have a solution that can help with the above. I come into your workplace and provide massage to your employees.

Massage can help with

  • Better sleep which will mean your employees are refreshed for their day
  • Reduced stress will increase the motivation of your employees
  • Reduced Muscle Tension will ensure that they are not distracted by aches and pains
  • Supporting the immune system means less time off with colds.
  • Help with Mental Health to make sure your employees are able to give you their best.

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In person massage days.

You can choose from at desk Indian head massage or seated massage in a private space. You can choose the length of time for your employees. Massages are fully clothed and I bring everything with me that is needed.

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Online guided massage sessions

These are 30 minute sessions and are run by me, there is a series of 3 massages that you can choose from.

  1. Head, neck and shoulders
  2. Forearms, wrists and shoulders
  3. Hands, wrists and forearms


These come with self help sheets that you can distribute to your employees to help them with their mental and physical health.

These are £197 each and we can have up to 100 people on each call.

These can help you

  • improve productivity
  • Reduce time off
  • Increase staff retention
  • Massage has been proven to help boost the immune system


Contact me to book in or ask any questions